Hi Everyone,

We’d like to give you all an update on our bounty program, how we are going to proceed with paying out coin rewards, along with the findings we have made. 

After evaluating the accounts associated with our bounty program, we have found that most of the accounts associated with the program have been suspended (63% of accounts approved for Twitter have been suspended by Twitter), and a further significant portion of accounts are solely dedicated to spamming ICO messages for rewards, with less than 2% of non-spam content created. In total, 94% of all stakes earned on our spreadsheet fall under this category, which means the campaign was siphoned to a large degree via bot activity.

We have set aside the bounty reward token in our wallet for real contributors, but will ask that each stake earning contributor verifies themselves not to be a bot by going through our simple verification. Contributors who verify themselves by sending the following information to VidyCoin@protonmail.com will receive their full reward. :
– A Selfie along with your photo ID
– Names of the bounty categories you participated in.
– Your BitcoinTalk Username

Proton mail is fully secure and submitted info will be kept strictly confidential and deleted right after confirmation.

the bounties they participated in, and their BitCoinTalk username to VidyCoin@protonmail.com will receive their full reward. Proton mail is fully secure, and submitted info will be kept strictly confidential and deleted right after confirmation.

As previously noted at the beginning of the campaign, please be aware that if you are confirmed through the verification process to be an American citizen or resident, you cannot receive a bounty as per SEC rules recognizing coins exchanged for services to be a security. Do not send an American passport or American ID.

Bots and spam accounts in a campaign like this hurt our true human investors, erode the fairness and equality of the program, and deliver zero value for the project while siphoning coin from real supporters and contributors, so we will not be sending bounty to addresses tied to unverified accounts.

This process will last from July 1 2019 to July 12 2019 and will require submissions directly to the VidyCoin@protonmail.com email address. If you do not verify during this time, you will be forfeiting your bounty stake. Upon submission of your information, we may ask you to respond back to us and clarify the channel and/or activity of your participation. On July 15 2019 we will send your won funds directly to the ERC20 wallets associated with the original accounts. 

We’re looking forward to moving forward and rewarding everyone who genuinely supported the project next week!

The Vidy Team


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