Here at Vidy, we understand that your content comes in all shapes and sizes. We firmly believe that the content of your videos should be just as impressive as the medium it’s viewed through. That’s why Vidy comes in a handful of amazing and convenient shapes to highlight your product as effectively as possible.

Let’s walk through the roster:

Vidy started with one classic shape, the circle. With this soft highlight of a shape, your center-shot content will look amazing. Focus on a main character, pull attention to where it matters, and give your product the spotlight it deserves.

1:1 is the future of video. This format has been everywhere from Instagram to Google, and now it’s at your fingertips. Cut out the edges and keep your content front and center with our Squares.

16:9 is the traditional video standard. Cameras are literally created with this format in mind, and now your VidyLinks can hold the content as well! Use this format with un-clipped videos to share the full breadth of your work.

Hologram (in-app only)
Step into the future with our custom vector video assets. Take out the background completely and let your creativity run wild by floating your product on the screen with a single touch.

Full Screen (in-app only)
Take over an entire phone screen with a tap. Immerse your audience in your product’s experience by placing it in the palm of their hands.


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