August 3rd, 2018

The Vidy team is delighted to announce that Mr. Lim Ho Kee, Managing Partner and Founder at Majuven Capital and Ex-Chairman and CEO of UBSfor East Asia, is joining the Vidy team as an Advisor.

Majuven is a early and growth stage venture capital fund which focuses on sectors driven by evolving trends in technology, demography and affluence. To date, Mr. Lim Ho Kee has personally seen through more than 200 investments into angel companies.

As an advisor to the Vidy team, Mr. Lim Ho Kee brings on board extensive experience from an investment management and business management perspective. Before Majuven, Mr. Lim Ho Kee had a 15 year career with UBSwhere he was Chairman and CEO of UBS East Asia. He was also previously the Chairman of Singapore Post when Alibaba acquired a strategic stake in 2014.

Given Mr. Lim Ho Kee’s extensive investment and business management experience, Mr. Lim Ho Kee would be a valuable addition to Vidy’s Advisory Board. His experience and expertise in this area will provide relevant advice and guidance as Vidy begins its rollout and rapid expansion to acquire market share in the digital advertising industry.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Lim Ho Kee to the Vidy team!


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