Want to learn more about the fastest growing video technology on the internet, but don’t have the time to read a bunch of articles? We’ve got you covered! This is your crash course in Vidy.

What is Vidy?
Vidy pairs videos with hyper-relevant text across millions of webpages, and then highlights the pairing. When users hold down on the Vidy highlight, a hyper-relevant video appears at their fingertips. A swipe activates the full-screen mode, which allows you to engage, purchase, share, and much more. 

Does that sound cool to you? Well, now it’s your turn to try it yourself! Hold down on this highlighted VidyLink to take Vidy for a spin!

How Does it Work?

To create this magical experience, Vidy has created a patented technology that uses Machine Learning and NLP (natural language processing) to match relevant videos with the test on your webpages in a matter of milliseconds. Gone are the days of irrelevant ads and intrusive pop-ups. 

What is VidyCoin? 

Vidy constructs a ledger system that measures how long a user watches an ad thanks to touch-tracking technology. For every second of advertisement play time, Vidy rewards users for their attention through Vidy Points. These points allow you to buy cool stuff through the Vidy platform with a single touch. Or, you can always transfer these points into VidyCoin, our Etherereum based 

How Can I get VidyCoin?

There are only two ways to get your hands on some VidyCoin. The first way is by interacting with VidyLinks across the web. You can find our trademark pink highlights across major sites owned by Hearst, Conde Nast, Meredith, Oath, and many more! The second way is to simply buy some! Our coin is by going to your nearest exchange (TBD) and buying Vidy directly! 


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