We had the honor of sitting down with Lee Ho Kee, a Vidy Advisor and Chairman of UBS, to discuss his outlook on the Vidy product along with other cryptocurrencies. Today, we’re excited to release the full interview video, along with comments from the sitting!

An Interview with Vidy Advisor, Lim Ho Kee

The Interview Transcript

Mr Lim, Share with More about yourself

Interviewer: Mr. Lim, Share with us more about yourself.
Mr. Lim: So, I spent about 15 years with UBS bank in Switzerland, and I started as a risk manager for Asia. I ended up as executive chairman of UBS East Asia, as well as being the first non-Swiss to be on the main enlarged board of UBS of Switzerland. And then I sat on a few public listed boards, like Keppel bank, Keppel Lan, and then Singapore Post.

I did a variety of things, but I started Majuven about six-seven years ago. Having been involved in, right now, I would say close to about two hundred angel investments.

Interviewer: What is your view on Cryptocurrency? 
Mr. Lim: Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite a few years. I think my own view is that I have some concerns about fiat currencies and the banking system. I’m looking for ways to diversify my own investments personally. The usual recommended mix is real estate, gold, some stocks and shares. Now it looks like cryptocurrency class is emerging as a possibly a viable addition to portfolio diversification. 

Interviewer: What do you think of Vidy’s ICO chances? 
LHK: Ok, I’ve already invested in the private round. I’m quite positive about the prospects because the subsequent advisors that joined have a very deep understanding of advertising technology; they gave me great confidence. I would say it continues to illustrate Mathew & Patrick’s leadership continue to execute well, which is always important to the long term success of any startup company. 


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